FAQ: What Does Omo Mean Anatomy?

What does Omo mean in medical terms?

The shoulder (sometimes including the upper arm). [G. ōmos, shoulder]

What does Omo stands for?

Open Market Operations ( OMO )

What does Omo mean in Greek?

before vowels om-, word-forming element meaning “raw, unripe,” from Greek ōmos “raw,” from PIE root *hemo- “raw, sharp-tasting” (source also of Sanskrit amah “raw, uncooked, unripe,” Armenian hum; Old Irish om, Welsh of).

Is Omo a word?

OMO is not a valid scrabble word.

What does Omo mean in Nigerian?

Literally translated and taken separately, omo means ‘child’, ti means ‘that or which’, Olu-iwa is a name of God in Yoruba, meaning the chief or master of Iwa (character), bi means ‘born’. When combined, Omoluabi translates as “the child begotten by the chief of iwa (or “child begotton by God”).

What is OMO in Korean?

Omo / Omona / 어머 / 어머나: “Oh no!” or “Oh my gosh!”

What does Aigoo mean?

Aigoo is deep sigh. Meaning of Daebak is so great, nice or cool.

Where is Omo made?

The genuine Omo product normally retails for between $35 and $40 and is manufactured in New Zealand for the Australian market.

What does Omo Iya mean in text?

oh my god. Last Update: 2012-06-19.

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What does Omo mean urban dictionary?

OMO. One Man’s Opinion. showing only Slang /Internet Slang definitions (show all 17 definitions)

What language is OMO?

Omo is a Yoruba word (Yoruba is one of the three main languages /ethnic groupings in Nigeria) and it means child. However, it could also mean “girl” (a young lady) especially a beautiful one when used as slang.

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