FAQ: What Is Supination In Anatomy?

What does supination mean in anatomy?

Supination and pronation are terms used to describe the up or down orientation of your hand, arm, or foot. When your palm or forearm faces up, it’s supinated. When your palm or forearm faces down, it’s pronated. Supination means that when you walk, your weight tends to be more on the outside of your foot.

What is supination and pronation?

When bodyweight is placed on the outside of the foot while walking or running, it is known as supination. When the weight is placed more on the inside of the foot, it’s referred to as pronation. Pronation is natural and happens because your feet naturally roll inward when walking.

What is an example of supination?

Supination is the movement in which a person turns their hand, wrist, and forearm upward. Turning your hand over to receive money is an example of supination.

What is supination of the elbow?

Biceps brachii acts primarily as an elbow flexor, and secondarily as a supinator. It is able to supinate when the elbow is flexed. When the elbow is fully extended, supinator performs the action.

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Can supination be corrected?

Treatment depends on the severity of your case but is typically aimed at correcting the supination to prevent future injuries. To help treat excessive supination of the foot: Select lightweight shoes with extra cushioning and ample room in the toes.

Is supination a word?

verb (used with object), su·pi·nat·ed, su·pi·nat·ing. to turn to a supine position; rotate (the hand or foot) so that the palm or sole is upward. verb (used without object), su·pi·nat·ed, su·pi·nat·ing. to become supinated.

Is Overpronation a disability?

Shoes of children who pronate, when placed side by side, will lean toward each other (after they have been worn long enough for the foot position to remodel their shape). Many people with flat feet do not experience pain or other problems. Left untreated, it may lead to severe disability and chronic pain.

Do Orthotics help supination?

Insoles designed for supination can support the arch and heel to control the motion of the foot. Orthotics for supination can be purchased in stores and online or can be custom-made by an orthotist or podiatrist. This assists in better weight distribution throughout the body, which corrects supination.

What shoe is best for supination?

Category 1: Soft running shoes for underpronation

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What activities do you perform in supination?

Bouncing a tennis ball on a tennis racket. Wringing out a towel by twisting it. Turning the pages of a book. Playing the “guess-which-hand” game where you turn over your hand palm-up to show a hidden object.

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What muscles are responsible for supination?

In human anatomy, the supinator is a broad muscle in the posterior compartment of the forearm, curved around the upper third of the radius. Its function is to supinate the forearm.

Supinator muscle
Nerve Deep branch of the radial nerve
Actions Supinates forearm
Antagonist Pronator teres, pronator quadratus


How does supination occur?

Supination occurs when weight is placed on the outside of the foot while walking or running. When the opposite happens, and a person shifts their weight from the heel to the forefoot, it is termed pronation.

What is normal supination?

Pronation and supination Variations has been described but normal forearm rotation averages about 75 degrees pronation and 85 degrees supination (Morrey and An, 2009). Several daily activities are performed in an arc of 50 degrees of pronation and 50 degrees of supination (Morrey and An, 2009).

Why is the arm in supination for anatomical position?

Supination of the hand brings the palm to face forward in the anatomical position. It is the position you would place your hand in order to hold “soup”. Muscles: biceps brachii and supinator.

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