FAQ: What Is The Antebranchium Anatomy?

What does the term Antebrachium mean?

Definition. noun, plural: antebrachia. The forearm, i.e. the part of the arm between the elbow and the wrist.

What part of the arm is the Antebrachium?

Anatomists refer to the upper arm as just the arm or the brachium. (The lower arm is the forearm or antebrachium.) There are three muscles on the upper arm that are parallel to the long axis of the humerus, the biceps brachii, the brachialis, and the triceps brachii.

How does Antebrachium relate to a certain part of the body?

Regional Terms Notice that the term “ brachium ” or “arm” is reserved for the “upper arm” and “ antebrachium ” or “ forearm ” is used rather than “lower arm.” Similarly, “femur” or “thigh” is correct, and “leg” or “crus” is reserved for the portion of the lower limb between the knee and the ankle.

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What is a forearm in anatomy?

Overall, the forearm comprises the lower half of the arm. It extends from the elbow joint to the hand, and it is made up of the ulna and radius bones. These two long bones form a rotational joint, allowing the forearm to turn so that the palm of the hand faces up or down.

What is the common name for Antebrachium?

Anatomical terms and their common names (noun / adj)

Term Definition
antebrachium / antebrachial forearm
carpus / carpal wrist
palma / palmar palm
pollex thumb


What is Antecede?

to go before, in time, order, rank, etc.; precede: Shakespeare antecedes Milton.

What does ARM stand for?

The ARM abbreviation for the processor design stands for Acorn RISC Machine, and the ARM abbreviation for the company that designs and sells the license to use that architecture stands for Advanced RISC Machines.

What’s the inner part of your arm called?

The inner part of the human arm is called the arm pit.

What is the arm called in anatomy?

In human anatomy, the arm is the part of the upper limb between the glenohumeral joint (shoulder joint) and the elbow joint. In common usage, the arm extends through the hand.

Latin Brachium
TA98 A01.1.00.022
Anatomical terminology

Is dorsal a top or bottom?

The dorsal (from Latin dorsum ‘back’) surface of an organism refers to the back, or upper side, of an organism. If talking about the skull, the dorsal side is the top. The ventral (from Latin venter ‘belly’) surface refers to the front, or lower side, of an organism.

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What does anatomy mean?

Anatomy, a field in the biological sciences concerned with the identification and description of the body structures of living things. Gross anatomy involves the study of major body structures by dissection and observation and in its narrowest sense is concerned only with the human body.

Why is it important to have a universal language of anatomy?

The importance of universal language when discussing movements, anatomical planes, and anatomical position to ensure that the professional/person can easily understand and communicate to their patient/client. This helps to avoid any confusion or misunderstand between one another.

Why does the forearm have two bones?

Now let’s look at the two forearm bones, the radius and the ulna. They’re also different in that the radius rotates, the ulna doesn’t. The two bones are held togeher by two radio-ulnar joints, the proximal and the distal. Forearm rotation happens simultaneously at both these joints.

What is the other side of the forearm called?

There is no “ side ” to a forearm, it goes all the way around. If you’re talking about the so called underside (where the crease of the elbow is) it is called the anterior view as opposed to the posterior view according to anatomical position.

What is the back of the forearm called?

The radius is located on the lateral side of the forearm between the elbow and the wrist joints.

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