FAQ: What Shows Are Linked Togrey’s Anatomy?

What show links with GREY’s anatomy?

Private Practice ( TV series ) Private Practice is an American medical drama television series that aired on ABC from September 26, 2007, to January 22, 2013. A spin-off of Grey’s Anatomy, the series takes place at Seaside Health & Wellness Center (formerly Oceanside Wellness Group) and chronicles the life of Dr.

What show is as good as GREY’s anatomy?

  • Station 19. Given the frequent crossover events between Grey’s and Station 19, fans might have already seen some episodes of this firefighter-centered spinoff, which became the new home for Grey’s characters like Ben Warren (Jason Winston George) and Carina DeLuca (Stefania Spampinato).
  • Chicago Med.
  • House M.D.
  • Suits.

Are private practice and GREY’s Anatomy connected?

Private Practice is a spin-off of the television series, Grey’s Anatomy. The series ran for 6 seasons from September 2007 to January 2013. The show was broadcast on ABC, the same network that broadcasts Grey’s Anatomy.

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What show did GREY’s Anatomy replace?

Grey’s Anatomy is an American medical drama television series that premiered on March 27, 2005, on the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) as a mid-season replacement.

Grey’s Anatomy
Original network ABC
Original release March 27, 2005 – present
Related shows Private Practice Station 19


Does Addison Montgomery have a baby?

Although Addison decides to stop fertility treatments, her dream of having a child finally comes true, and she adopts a baby boy named Henry.

Is Dr House better than GREY’s anatomy?

House MD has far better plots than Grey’s anatomy. House doesn’t depend a lot upon previous episodes. Sure there is continuity but it isn’t as far fetched as grey’s anatomy. You can enjoy an episode from the House MD without having to remember the entire storyline.

Which medical shows are most realistic?

Surprisingly, TV comedy Scrubs ranks as the most realistic medical show with an overall score of an 9/10. Though not perfect — no medical show is — Scrubs manages to capture the residency training process and the dynamics of a hospital.

Why is Station 19 not on Netflix?

Sadly, Station 19 isn’t streaming on Netflix internationally either. We’ve found a lot of the public services shows from America doesn’t get licensed to Netflix outside the US likely for a myriad of reasons. In the case of Station 19, most will be licensed on a region per region basis.

What should I binge watch after GREY’s anatomy?

8 Shows Like ‘ Grey’s Anatomy ‘ to Add to Your Streaming Queue

  • ‘Station 19’ This Grey’s Anatomy spin-off follows Dr.
  • ‘Private Practice’ Another Grey’s Anatomy spin-off—but this time, it follows Dr.
  • ‘New Amsterdam’
  • ‘The Night Shift’
  • ‘Code Black’
  • ‘Saving Hope’
  • ‘Chicago Med’
  • ‘Transplant’
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Should I watch private practice or GREY’s Anatomy first?

Additional Crossovers may exist. Additionally: If an episode of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice aired on the same day, please note that Grey’s Anatomy aired earlier and should be watched first.

Do they mention Derek’s death in private practice?

In Private Practice, Addison is shown breaking down when she got the news of Mark Sloan’s death. Private Practice was over by the time Derek died, but it stands to reason that she would have been just as affected by his death as Mark’s. After all, Derek’s funeral scene was only about 30 seconds long.

Can you watch Private Practice without watching GREY’s anatomy?

So, while it is not necessary to watch both shows, Grey’s Anatomy fans do feel like they are being forced to watch a show they don’t like. If only Station 19 were as good of a spin-off as Private Practice was, fans would be happier.

What episode does Yang die?

Cristina Yang
Grey’s Anatomy character
First appearance “A Hard Day’s Night” (1.01) March 27, 2005
Last appearance “Fear (of the Unknown)” (10.24) May 15, 2014 (as series regular) “She’s Leaving Home” (11.22) April 30, 2015 (stand-in)
Created by Shonda Rhimes

Why did Alex Karev leave?

After being absent from the show for weeks, it was revealed in the March 5 episode that Karev had left Seattle and his new wife, Jo (Camilla Luddington), to reunite with his ex-wife, Izzie (the character played by long-departed cast member Katherine Heigl), and the former couple’s children.

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Will there be a season 18 of GREY’s anatomy?

The eighteenth season of the American television medical drama Grey’s Anatomy was ordered on May 10, 2021, by the American Broadcasting Company (ABC). It’s set to premiere in Fall 2021 for the 2021–22 broadcast season.

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