Often asked: What Does Hypochondriac Mean In Anatomy?

Why does hypochondriac have two meanings?

When English academics first adopted the word hypochondria the meaning was not of imagined medical conditions. The Greek roots of the word can be broken in two hypo and chondria. Hypo is the opposite of hyper so that while something that is hyper is above, something that is hypo is underneath.

What is a hypochondriac region in anatomy?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1: hypochondriacal. 2 anatomy: of, relating to, or being the two regions of the abdomen lying on either side of the epigastric region and above the lumbar regions.

Where is the hypochondriac region?

The hypochondrium refers to the two hypochondriac regions in the upper third of the abdomen; the left hypochondrium and right hypochondrium. They are located on the lateral sides of the abdominal wall respectively, inferior to (below) the thoracic cage, being separated by the epigastrium.

What is another name for hypochondriac?

In this page you can discover 15 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for hypochondriac, like: hypochondriast, malingerer, melancholic, mope, dispirited person, self-tormenter, impostor, neurotic, masochist, valetudinarian and hypochondriacal.

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What is the root cause of hypochondria?

Childhood illness or serious illness in your family during childhood. Mental health issues, such as anxiety or depression. Trauma, such as rape or physical or emotional abuse.

Why is someone called a hypochondriac?

Hypochondriac comes ultimately from the Greek word hypokhondria, which literally means “under the cartilage (of the breastbone).” In the late 16th century, when hypochondriac first entered the English language, it referred to the upper abdomen.

What organs are in the hypochondriac region?

The right hypochondriac region contains the right portion of the liver, the gallbladder, the right kidney, and parts of the small intestine.

Can hypochondria be cured?

Hypochondria is hard to treat, but experts have made progress. Several studies show that using antidepressants, such as Prozac and Luvox, can help. Antianxiety medications are also used to treat the disorder. Barsky and other researchers say that cognitive-behavioral therapy also works.

What organ is in the right lumbar region?

The right lumbar region consists of the gallbladder, the right kidney, part of the liver, and the ascending colon.

What organ is found in the right hypochondriac region?

The right hypochondriac region contains: liver ( right lobe), gallbladder, hepatic duct, and right colic angle. The right lumbar region contains the ascending colon and the right kidney when cecum and appendix lie in the right iliac region.

What causes pain in the right hypochondriac region?

Liver and gallbladder disease The Budd-Chiari syndrome can present with RUQ pain. Gallstones are common and become more common as years advance. Most are asymptomatic but they can cause pain at any time. Other gallbladder disease includes carcinoma of the gallbladder, which is always associated with stones too.

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Are you a hypochondriac?

Being preoccupied with having or getting a serious disease or health condition. Worrying that minor symptoms or body sensations mean you have a serious illness. Being easily alarmed about your health status. Finding little or no reassurance from doctor visits or negative test results.

What does Valetudinary mean?

adj. in poor health; sickly; excessively concerned about one’s poor health or ailments. of, pertaining to, or characterized by invalidism.

What is another word for noncommittal?


  • beige,
  • characterless,
  • faceless,
  • featureless,
  • indistinctive,
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  • nondescript,
  • vanilla.

What’s the opposite of a hypochondriac?

The opposite of a hypochondriac is a person who insists they are well, when they are really sick. A term for this is anosognosia, where a person

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