Often asked: What Does Margin Mean In Anatomy?

What are margins in medical terms?

Listen to pronunciation. (MAR-jin) The edge or border of the tissue removed in cancer surgery. The margin is described as negative or clean when the pathologist finds no cancer cells at the edge of the tissue, suggesting that all of the cancer has been removed.

What is the margin of a bone?

Margin – The edge of any flat bone. It can be used to define a bone’s borders accurately. For example, the edge of the temporal bone articulating with the occipital bone is called the occipital margin of the temporal bone.

What is the meaning of margins?

(mɑːʳdʒɪn ) Word forms: plural margins. 1. countable noun. A margin is the difference between two amounts, especially the difference in the number of votes or points between the winner and the loser in an election or other contest.

What is a margin in biology?

the edge of a leaf or other organ.

What is a biopsy margin?

Skin biopsies are usually undertaken to confirm a clinical diagnosis, to remove a lesion, and to determine the adequacy of excised tissue margin. A surgical margin is technically defined as the “edge” of the tissue removed.

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Why is margin negative?

Setting a negative top margin indicates that you want negative spacing above your block. Negative spacing may in itself be a confusing concept, but just the way positive top margin pushes content down, a negative top margin pulls content up.

Is a fissure a depression or opening?

Complete list of bone markings

Parts of a bone Head (epiphysis) Neck (metaphysis) Body (diaphysis) Articular surface
Openings and depressions Foramen and fissure Meatus Fossa and fovea Incisure and sulcus Sinus

Is trochanter a bone?

A trochanter is a tubercle of the femur near its joint with the hip bone. In humans and most mammals, the trochanters serve as important muscle attachment sites.

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Anatomical terminology

What are the major bone markings?

There are three general classes of bone markings: (1) articulations, (2) projections, and (3) holes. As the name implies, an articulation is where two bone surfaces come together (articulus = “joint”).

What is margin example?

Example of a Margin Account Assume an investor with $2,500 in a margin account wants to buy Nokia’s stock for $5 per share. The customer could use additional margin funds of up to $2,500 supplied by the broker to purchase $5,000 worth of Nokia stock, or 1,000 shares.

Is Margin same as profit?

Profit Margin Measures a Company’s Profitability Unlike profit, which gets measured in dollars and cents, profit margin gets measured as a percentage. To measure profit margin, use the company’s net income divided by the total sales generated.

What are margins used for?

In typography, a margin is the area between the main content of a page and the page edges. The margin helps to define where a line of text begins and ends. When a page is justified the text is spread out to be flush with the left and right margins.

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Does margin mean difference?

A margin is the difference between two amounts, especially the difference in the number of votes or points between the winner and the loser in an election or other contest.

What is the meaning of margin call?

A margin call refers specifically to a broker’s demand that an investor deposit additional money or securities into the account so that it is brought up to the minimum value, known as the maintenance margin.

What is crenate margin?

Each plant has crenate leaves. “ Crenate ” means they have rounded teeth along the margin.

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