Often asked: What Does Section Mean In Anatomy?

What section means?

noun. a part that is cut off or separated. a distinct part or subdivision of anything, as an object, country, community, class, or the like: the poor section of town; the left section of a drawer.

What does anatomy mean in medical terms?

Anatomy is the identification and description of the structures of living things. It is a branch of biology and medicine.

What is cross section in medical terms?

Cross – section: In anatomy, a transverse cut through a structure or tissue. The opposite is longitudinal section.

What is the root word of section?

The root of section is the Latin word sect, which means “cut.” Think dissect (“cut into pieces”), or bisect (“cut in two”).

What is Section plan?

A section plan is a vertical slice drawings showing the internal features of your property. The section plan is to help the architect to get an idea of the height of the internal floors of the property and features on the wall. The section plan is usually combined with other plans on a measured building survey.

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What are 5 jobs for anatomy?

Jobs related to anatomy and physiology that require an associate degree include:

  • Medical laboratory technician.
  • Physical therapist assistant.
  • Personal trainer.
  • Massage therapist.
  • Nurse.
  • MRI technologist.
  • Medical technologist.
  • Science teacher.

What is anatomy in one word?

1: a branch of morphology that deals with the structure of organisms. 2: a treatise on anatomical science or art. 3: the art of separating the parts of an organism in order to ascertain their position, relations, structure, and function: dissection.

What does anatomy literally mean?

Wiktionary. anatomy noun. The art of studying the different parts of any organized body, to discover their situation, structure, and economy; dissection. Etymology: From anatomie, from anatomia, from ἀνατομία, from ἀνατομή, from ἀνά + τέμνω (surface analysis ), literally “cut up”.

What is the importance of cross section?

Cross sections show the geology of a vertical plane below the earth’s surface. Cross sections are valuable tools for visualizing structures. Geologic cross sections are representations of underground geology.

What is the definition of cross section?

1a: a cutting or piece of something cut off at right angles to an axis also: a representation of such a cutting. b: section sense 3b. 2: a measure of the probability of an encounter between particles such as will result in a specified effect (such as scattering or capture)

What is area of cross section?

The cross – sectional area is the area of a two-dimensional shape that is obtained when a three-dimensional object – such as a cylinder – is sliced perpendicular to some specified axis at a point. For example, the cross – section of a cylinder – when sliced parallel to its base – is a circle.

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What is the root of unique?

unique (adj.) 1600, “single, solitary,” from French unique (16c.), from Latin unicus “only, single, sole, alone of its kind,” from unus “one” (from PIE root *oi-no- “one, unique “). Meaning “forming the only one of its kind” is attested from 1610s; erroneous sense of “remarkable, uncommon” is attested from mid-19c.

What does section mean in school?

What is Section? A Section can be a group within a Class. Again it may depend on the type of education institution and how the individual education institution group their students within a Class.

What is the suction?

1: the act or process of sucking. 2a: the act or process of exerting a force upon a solid, liquid, or gaseous body by reason of reduced air pressure over part of its surface. b: force so exerted. 3: a device (such as a pipe or fitting) used in a machine that operates by suction. suction. 7

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