Question: How To Draw Anatomy Loomis?

What is the Loomis method of drawing?

The Loomis method of construction is a technique using simple forms and measured landmarks to construct the human head, in any angle. The method starts with a ball, breaks it into four equal sections with two lines and then uses the created measurements to place facial features.

Is the Loomis method good?

The loomis method is good for drawing the 3D shapes of the head and as mentioned good for 3D renditions of the head. Since many of us like to draw live portraits, I feel that this method warrants some investigation and further research. 2 I have drawn triangles as can be seen from eyes, cranium, lips and nose.

What is the Riley method?

The Reilly approach is a constructive/graphic hybrid that emphasizes line and shape design and clear value control. This approach has become popular among professional illustrators as well as for fine art applications.

What is the Reilly method of drawing?

Reilly developed a figure drawing method that began with six basic structural lines, a framework upon which the figure could be constructed. He is especially noted for developing a means of organizing the palette, based partially on the work of 19th-century colorist Albert H. Munsell.

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