Question: What Does Asis Stand For In Anatomy?

What is the ASIS in anatomy?

The anterior superior iliac spine ( ASIS ) is an important anatomical landmark: Mid-point of the inguinal ligament – halfway between the ASIS and the pubic tubercle.

What is the clinical significance of the ASIS?

Clinically, as an easily identifiable landmark, it aids in the localization of the inguinal ligament, common femoral artery and the base of the appendix (McBurney’s point). It is also the start point for the measurement of true leg length (anterior superior iliac spine to medial malleolus).

What is the abbreviation of ASIS?


Acronym Definition
ASIS American Society for Industrial Security
ASIS Anterior Superior Iliac Spine (anatomy)
ASIS Ada Semantic Interface Specification
ASIS Access Security Information Subfield


What originates from the ASIS?

The anterior superior iliac spine (abbreviated: ASIS ) is a bony projection of the iliac bone, and an important landmark of surface anatomy. It refers to the anterior extremity of the iliac crest of the pelvis. It provides attachment for the inguinal ligament, and the sartorius muscle.

What is PSIS Asis?

The ASIS is the forward-most point on the topmost lateral curve of the hipbone. It is easy to feel just beneath the abdomen on the front of the hip. The PSIS is a projection at the posterior end of the iliac crest. It can be located on the back, right above the buttocks.

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What does ASIS and PSIS stand for?

The Anterior Superior Iliac Spine ( ASIS ) and the Posterior Superior Iliac Spine ( PSIS ) are features key to the positioning of your pelvis.

Is Asis higher than PSIS?

The anterior superior iliac spine ( ASIS ) is higher than the posterior superior iliac spine ( PSIS ), causing the client to sit directly on the sacrum and leaving it at high risk for a pressure injury.

What is the left ASIS?

The ASIS is the attachment of the sartorius, a thigh muscle that is important in bending the hip and knee. COMMON SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS. A slightly swollen, warm, and tender area of the pelvis. where the bone pulled off.

How do you palpate a Asis?

Anterior superior iliac spine ( ASIS ) ➢ Put your hand on the hips ➢ locate the Iliac Crest / hip bone palpate frontward ➢ ASIS is a sharp notch:, above the femur/ thigh bone when seated. ➢ Sit on your hand with palm up to feel the IT against your fingers tips.

What is the full form of MSS?

MSS Full Form

Full Form Category Term
Mission Status Summary Space Science MSS
Mobile Service Structure Space Science MSS
Multispectral Scanner System Space Science MSS
Message Switching System Space Science MSS


Where is my pubic tubercle?

The pubic tubercle is a prominent forward-projecting tubercle on the upper border of the medial portion of the superior ramus of the pubis bone. The inguinal ligament attaches to it.

What muscle originates AIIS?

The anterior inferior iliac spine ( AIIS ) apophysis is a bony prominence, from which the direct head of the rectus femoris and the ilio-capsularis muscles originate and is situated superior and antero-medial to the most lateral point on the acetabular rim.

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