Question: What Forms My Humerus Anatomy?

How does the humerus develop?

At birth, the neonatal humerus is only ossified in the shaft. The epiphyses are cartilaginous at birth. The medial humeral head develops an ossification center around 4 months of age and the greater tuberosity around 10 months of age. These ossification centers begin to fuse at 3 years of age.

What does the humerus give structure to?

The distal humerus articulates at the elbow to the radius and ulna in the forearm. The humerus provides structural support to the arm and is an insertion point for many important muscles in the upper body, such as pectoralis major, latissimus dorsi, rotator cuff muscles, and more.

What tissues can be found in the humerus?

  • Articular cartilage of right humerus.
  • Articular cartilage of right ulna.
  • Articular cartilage of right radial head.

How many muscles actually have an attachment to the humerus?

The humerus serves as an attachment to 13 muscles which contribute to the movements of the hand and elbow, and therefore the function of the upper limb.

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What muscles connect to the humerus?

The pectoralis major, latissimus dorsi, deltoid, and rotator cuff muscles connect to the humerus and move the arm. The muscles that move the forearm are located along the humerus, which include the triceps brachii, biceps brachii, brachialis, and brachioradialis.

What is the most distal feature of the humerus?

The distal end of the humerus has two articulation areas, which join the ulna and radius bones of the forearm to form the elbow joint. The more medial of these areas is the trochlea, a spindle- or pulley-shaped region (trochlea = “pulley”), which articulates with the ulna bone.

What do they do for a broken humerus?

A humerus shaft fracture may be treated with or without surgery, depending on the fracture pattern and associated injuries (i.e., nerve injury or open fracture ). A temporary splint extending from the shoulder to the forearm and holding the elbow bent at 90 degrees can be used for initial management of the fracture.

Why humerus is called funny bone?

The ” funny bone ” got its nickname because of that funny feeling you get after you hit it. Running down the inside part of your elbow is a nerve called the ulnar nerve. The ulnar nerve lets your brain know about feelings in your fourth and fifth fingers.

What is the function of the head of the humerus?

The head of the humerus makes up a portion of the ball-and-socket shoulder joint. This area also serves as the insertion point for muscles which make up the shoulder girdle.

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What bone is above the humerus?

The ulna is the medial bone of the forearm. It runs parallel to the radius, which is the lateral bone of the forearm (Figure 2). The proximal end of the ulna resembles a crescent wrench with its large, C-shaped trochlear notch. This region articulates with the trochlea of the humerus as part of the elbow joint.

What is the top of the humerus called?

The top end of the humerus consists of the head, the neck, the greater and lesser tubercles, and the shaft. The head is half-spherical in shape and projects into the glenoid cavity. The neck lies between the head and the greater and lesser tubercles.

How thick is the humerus bone?

humerus can be complicated by poor bone quality. from radiographs. absorptiometry. The mean cortical thickness was 4.4 ± 1.0 mm.

What muscles attach to the lateral epicondyle of the humerus?

The extensor carpi radialis brevis originates from the lateral epicondyle of the humerus by a common tendon shared with other muscles of the posterior superficial compartment including the extensor carpi ulnaris, extensor digiti minimi, and extensor digitorum.

Is scapula a bone?

Scapula, also called shoulder blade, either of two large bones of the shoulder girdle in vertebrates. In humans they are triangular and lie on the upper back between the levels of the second and eighth ribs.

Is long bone of upper arm?

The humerus is the only bone of the upper arm. It is a long, large bone that extends from the scapula of the shoulder to the ulna and radius of the lower arm.

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