Question: What Is Zydrate Anatomy?

Is Zydrate a real drug?

As an added assurance they give you a presurgery drug that GENECO developed (suppoedly to simplify the surgery) called ZYDRATE. It is actually a highly addictive patented compound extracted from dead humans. GENECO has used its considerable political clout to make it illegal for any non-surgery purpose.

What is Repo the Genetic Opera based on?

Repo! The Genetic Opera
Based on The Necromerchant’s Debt by Terrance Zdunich Darren Smith
Starring Alexa Vega Paul Sorvino Anthony Stewart Head Sarah Brightman Paris Hilton Bill Moseley Ogre Terrance Zdunich
Music by Darren Smith
Cinematography Joseph White


Where does Repo the Genetic Opera take place?

The names were changed to Amber Sweet and Luigi Largo. The band members of the Genetic Opera are wearing masks because originally the film was only allowed to have 20 extras. The film takes place in 2040 and 2056.

Is Repo the Genetic Opera scary?

The Genetic Opera. Repo! The Genetic Opera was born out of passion, anger, reckless abandon and a DIY-punk attitude that would have made Sid Vicious proud. The result was a subpar horror musical that has earned an army of devoted fans who re-enact it live every Halloween.

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What happened to Shiloh in Repo The Genetic Opera?

Nathan did this to keep her from the world outside her window. Having finally revealed the truth, Rotti offered Shilo a gun and encouraged her to kill her father; If she did so, he would leave GeneCo to her when he died from his own terminal illness. Shilo was left for a few moments on stage with her dying father.

Why is Repo the Genetic Opera rated R?

Constant, extensive, and bloody violence. Throats are slit, there’s bare-handed neck breaking, and characters are stabbed, shot, and eviscerated, with bloody organs pulled from their bodies.

Did repo men rip off Repo The Genetic Opera?

But, when Repo Men was released, the similarities between it and Repo! The Genetic Opera took center stage. However, it wasn’t the creators pushing that narrative. Instead, it was the fans and the media.

Is Repo the Genetic Opera based on repo man?

After making three “Saw” movies and a “ Repo!” short, Bousman directed the 2008 film “ Repo! The Genetic Opera.” Here’s where it gets tricky: Author Eric Garcia’s book “The Repossession Mambo” wasn’t published until 2009, but it had already been adapted into the screenplay for “ Repo Men ” before it was even published.

Is Repo the Genetic Opera cyberpunk?

Conclusion: To be honest, Repo! wasn’t quite what I expected. It felt more goth than actual cyberpunk, so much so that I’m tempted to tag this as “not cyberpunk.” Then again, with goth style being closely related to cyberpunk lately it can almost be expected.

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Will there be a sequel to Repo The Genetic Opera?

More Stories by Borys. Darren Bousman is back in musical horror mode. The director behind the cult hit Repo: The Genetic Opera has been working on a thematic follow-up to Repo titled The Devil’s Carnival, a 55-minute musical set in Hell.

Is Repo The Genetic Opera on Netflix?

Watch Repo! The Genetic Opera on Netflix Today!

Who plays guitar in Repo The Genetic Opera?

Guitars: Daniel Ash: Tracks 2, 4, 6, 9, 11, 14, 17, 26, 29, 34 & 36.

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