Question: Which Part Of The Male Anatomy Becomes Inflamed During A Case Of Balanitis?

Which part of the male anatomy can becomes inflamed during a case of balanitis?

During under the case of balanitis, the part of the male anatomy that becomes inflamed is the glans penis.

Which part of the male anatomy can become inflamed if not cleaned properly apex?

The Glans of the male penis can become inflamed if not cleaned properly. This is called Balanitis.

What part of the male anatomy can become inflamed?

The Glans. This is a particularly important thing for people with fore skin to remember as they can have dirt and outside irritants go under their fore skin which can cause it to become irritated, inflamed or even infected.

Which of these can be found only in males?

Explanation: It is the germ gland, two male gonads that produce sperm and testosterone, forming the most important part of the male reproductive system.

What triggers puberty in males?

Puberty happens when the pituitary starts making more of two hormones, luteinizing hormone (called LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (called FSH), which cause the testicles to grow and produce the male hormone testosterone.

What are gonads?

Both men and women have gonads. In males, they are the testes, or testicles, the male sex glands that are part of the male reproductive system. The female gonads, the ovaries, are a pair of reproductive glands.

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What are the testes hormones?

The main hormone secreted by the testes is testosterone, an androgenic hormone. Testosterone is secreted by cells that lie between the seminiferous tubules, known as the Leydig cells.

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