Quick Answer: How To Pronounce Anatomy?

How do you pronounce the word que?

  1. It’s pronounced /ke/.
  2. Americans and English-speakers in general tend to pronounce the /k/ with plenty of air.
  3. The vowel /e/ is often pronounced as a glide by English-speakers: /ei/.
  4. Finally, something about variation.

What is another word for anatomy?

What is another word for anatomy?

structure composition
plan figure
makeup physique
shape configuration
body skeleton


Is Que in English?

One of our persistent—and more puzzling—lookups is for the word que, which is entered in our dictionary (capitalized) as an abbreviation for Quebec. Qué is also a Spanish word that means “what.” That is not, however, the word that many people are looking for when they look up que in our dictionary.

How do you pronounce calor?

qué calor

  1. SpanishDict Phonetic Alphabet (SPA) keh. kah. – lohr.
  2. International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) ke. ka. – loɾ
  3. Spanish Alphabet (ABC) qué ca. – lor.

How do you spell with?

Correct spelling for the English word “With” is [wˈɪð], [wˈɪð], [w_ˈɪ_ð] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What immediately means?

adverb. without lapse of time; without delay; instantly; at once: Please telephone him immediately. with no object or space intervening. closely: immediately in the vicinity. without intervening medium or agent; concerning or affecting directly.

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