Quick Answer: What Is A Condyle In Anatomy?

What does condyle mean in medical terms?

Medical Definition of condyle: an articular prominence of a bone —used chiefly of such as occur in pairs resembling a pair of knuckles (as those of the occipital bone for articulation with the atlas, those at the distal end of the humerus and femur, and those of the lower jaw) — see lateral condyle, medial condyle.

What is a condyle and epicondyle?

Condyle and epicondyle occur at the end of the long bones. Epicondyle is a projection on the condyle. The main difference between condyle and epicondyle is that condyle forms an articulation with another bone. whereas epicondyle provides sites for the attachment of muscles.

Is condyle a cartilage?

The condylar cartilage is a unique and interesting tissue among cartilaginous tissues in the human body.

Is the femoral condyle a bone?

A femoral condyle is the ball-shape located at the end of the femur (thigh bone ). There are two condyles on each leg known as the medial and lateral femoral condyles. If there is a fracture (break) in part of the condyle, this is known as a fracture of the femoral condyle.

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What is the function of the condyle?

Condyle – Refers to a large prominence, which often provides structural support to the overlying hyaline cartilage. It bears the brunt of the force exerted from the joint. Examples include the knee joint (hinge joint), formed by the femoral lateral and medial condyles, and the tibial lateral and medial condyles.

What is the function of the medial condyle?

Medial condyle – Condylus medialis The medial and lateral condyles form the proximal part of the body of femur, and articulate with the proximal part of tibia to form the femorotibial joint.

What is the difference between tubercle and condyle?

is that tubercle is (anatomy) a round nodule, small eminence, or warty outgrowth, especially those found on bones for the attachment of a muscle or ligament or small elevations on the surface of a tooth while condyle is (anatomy) a smooth prominence on a bone where it forms a joint with another bone.

What is the condyle in the knee?

A condyle (/ˈkɒndəl/ or /ˈkɒndaɪl/; Latin: condylus, from Greek: kondylos; κόνδυλος knuckle) is the round prominence at the end of a bone, most often part of a joint – an articulation with another bone. It is one of the markings or features of bones, and can refer to: On the femur, in the knee joint: Lateral condyle.

Is epicondyle a bone?

An epicondyle is more than just a fancy name. It is a specialized part of some of the bones found in the human body. This lesson explains what an epicondyle is, what a fracture is, and how a fracture can occur to an epicondyle.

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Is there hyaline cartilage in the knee?

The knee has two different types of cartilage, the articular hyaline cartilage and fibrocartilage meniscus. The articular hyaline cartilage covers the ends of the bones in the knee joint.

What is the cartilage in the knee called?

Articular (Hyaline) cartilage. This cartilage covers the bones where they meet at the knee joint. The end of the femur (condyles) and the back of the patella ( knee cap). It is simultaneously smooth and strong, allowing bones to move over one another with minimal friction.

What covers the condyle?

The articular disc that covers the condyle and interposes below the glenoid fossa has a biconcave or oval shape; the cartilaginous disc has an anterior (about 2 mm) and posterior (about 3 mm) portion, with a thinner diameter in the middle. The sphenomandibular ligament (SML) is a Meckel cartilage residue.

How is femoral condyle fracture treated?

Femoral medial condyle fracture is a rare fracture. As with any articular injury, anatomical restoration of the joint surface must be obtained, then lag screw fixation is required. In fractures with a vertical fracture line, a buttress plate is necessary to counteract the vertical shear forces.

Where is the femoral condyle located?

Femur (Thigh Bone) The femoral condyles are the two rounded prominences at the end of the femur; they are called the medial and the lateral femoral condyle, respectively. The motions of the condyles include rocking, gliding and rotating.

Is the medial femoral condyle part of the knee?

The medial compartment of the knee includes everything within the inner half of the joint and is located where the tibia (shinbone) and femur (thigh bone) meet. The rounded end of the femur bone ( medial femoral condyle ) sits on a flattened area of the tibia bone called the medial tibial plateau.

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