Readers ask: How Many Anatomy Questions Are On The Cpc Exam?

How many medical terminology questions are on the CPC exam?

The AAPC CPC (American Academy of Professional Coders Certified Professional Coder) exam consists of 150 multiple -choice questions.

How many questions can you miss on the CPC exam?

How many questions can you miss on the CPC exam? In order to pass the Certified Professional Coder exam, you must get a score of at least 70% or higher, which means you may miss a total of 45 answers.

Is the CPC exam hard?

2 hours and 45 min is actually plenty time for me; for both parts I had 50 minutes left to check my answers. The exam is not as hard as you think, it really is just the process of elimination and consulting your guidelines if ever unsure. If you have notes, and highlighted well, you will do fine.

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How is the CPC exam broken down?

The CPC examination consists of 150 multiple-choice questions and tests your knowledge of a broad range of coding-related topics. Questions based on the CPT® code book include: Surgical procedures performed on the integumentary system (10 questions)

How much do CPC make?

How much does a CPC make in California? The average CPC salary in California is $61,506 as of May 27, 2021, but the range typically falls between $53,406 and $72,206.

How do I clear my CPC in first attempt?

Tips to clear CPC exam in the first attempt: A clear understanding of Anatomy, Medical terminology, Modifiers, CPT section-wise guidelines and ICD 10 CM chapter-specific guidelines is very important to pass the CPC exam in the very first attempt.

How many questions can you get wrong on the CPC exam and still pass?

Remember as you take the test that you can get 45 questions wrong.

Is it hard to get a job in medical coding?

It can be tough to get a coding or billing job right away. Many new coders and billers start working in related healthcare fields, and then use that experience as leverage to get a billing or coding job. With a lucrative, growing field like coding and billing, it’s all about getting your foot in the door.

What is the pass rate for the CPC exam?

New research shows that 88% of Certified Professional Coder ( CPC ®) test takers pass with AAPC’s training. That’s nearly three times higher than those using third party courses and practice exams. It’s no secret that the CPC exam is one of the most difficult exams in the industry.

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What type of medical coders make the most money?

Certified Professional Coders (CPCs) obtain a mean wage of $51,454 each year. Certified Outpatient Coding (COC) specialists make a mean yearly salary of $58,822. The highest income average belongs to Certified Physician Practice Managers (CPPM) who bring home $64,666 per year.

How long is CPC certification good for?

The CPC certification is a document issued by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). The CPC certification is valid for two years and you can apply for a renewal.

Can you bring a medical dictionary to the CPC exam?

no dictionaries were allowed for the CPC exam, just the ICD-9, CPT and HCPCS texts.

Is the CPC exam all multiple choice?

The CPC exam is comprised of 150 multiple – choice questions. The test takes five hours and 40 minutes to complete, making it fairly rigorous. There are two breaks in the middle of the test. Per the AAPC’s website, the CPC exam covers 24 subject areas, including anesthesia, radiology, and medicine.

How long does it take to complete AAPC Practicode?

The complete online course must be completed within 18 months, whereas individual modules must be completed within 1 year from date of purchase (additional time extensions may be purchased for $29.95 per month).

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