Readers ask: What Does It Mean To Drain In Anatomy?

What is a drain in medical terms?

Listen to pronunciation. (drayn) In medicine, to remove fluid as it collects; or, a tube or wick-like device used to remove fluid from a body cavity, wound, or infected area.

What is to drain means to?

1: to become emptied or freed of liquid by its flowing or dropping waiting for the tub to drain. 2: to discharge surface or surplus water drains into the Gulf of Mexico. 3a: to flow off gradually. b: to disappear gradually: dwindle his nervousness drained away, as it always did— H. A. Sinclair.

What is the meaning of drains in biology?

1. To draw off fluid from a cavity as it forms. 2. A device, usually in the shape of a tube or wick, for removing fluid as it collects in a cavity, especially a wound cavity.

What is human drainage?

A surgical drain is a tube used to remove pus, blood or other fluids from a wound.

How long does it take for a drain hole to heal?

This process can take 5-7 days, but for some operations, such as groin dissections, it can be 6-8 weeks. For breast procedures the drain is usually removed within 2 weeks.

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Why put a drain in a wound?

Surgical wound drainage is recognized as a key element in facilitating the healing process. Wound drainage systems are designed to allow enough moisture to remain in tissues to promote regeneration and lessen inflammation, while removing excess exudate or material that may hamper the healing process.

Does drained mean tired?

Meaning of drained in English very tired: You look completely drained – why don’t you go to bed? 7

What is drain battery?

Check which apps are draining your battery In most versions of Android, hit Settings > Device > Battery or Settings > Power > Battery Use to see a list of all apps and how much battery power they’re using. If an app you don’t use often seems to take up a disproportionate amount of power, consider uninstalling it.

What does drain out mean?

1. To flow or move out of something, as of a liquid. Because the stopper had come loose, most of the water had drained out of the tub by the time I came back for my bath.

What are the four types of drainage?

The Four Types Of Drainage Systems For Your Home

  • Surface Drainage System.
  • Subsurface Drainage System.
  • Slope Drainage System.
  • Downspout and Gutter Systems.
  • Contact All Aspects Waterproofing For Your Drainage Needs!

What is the difference between drain and drainage?

As nouns the difference between drainage and drain is that drainage is a natural or artificial removal of surface and sub-surface water from a given area while drain is a conduit allowing liquid to flow out of an otherwise contained volume.

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What does I’m drained mean?

adjective. worn out; exhausted. United left the pitch looking stunned and drained. I was emotionally drained, hemmed in by my divorce lawyers. He could rest only when he was too drained of energy to fret further.

How do you describe drainage?

Exudate ( drainage ), a liquid produced by the body in response to tissue damage, is present in wounds as they heal. It consists of fluid that has leaked out of blood vessels and closely resembles blood plasma.

Can I remove my own surgical drain?

Answer: You should only remove the drain after and abdominoplasty by yourself if permitted by your own surgeon.

What are the types of drainage?

There are 4 main types of subsurface drainage systems:

  • corrugated and PVC slotted subsurface pipes.
  • mole drainage (including mole drains, mole drains over collector pipe systems and gravel mole drains )
  • interceptor drains.
  • ground water pumps.

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