What Does Bpg Stand For In Anatomy?

What does the abbreviation SL mean in medical terms?

List of medical abbreviations: S

Abbreviation Meaning SB.saving bank
sl sublingual
SLE systemic lupus erythematosus
SLEV St Louis virus
SLL small lymphocytic lymphoma


What does his stand for in medical terms?

Abbreviation for hospital information system.

What does LFG mean in medical terms?

LFG Medical Abbreviation

1 LFG Landfill Gas Recycling, Waste, Waste Handling
1 LFG Lateral Flexion Gap Orthopaedic
1 LFG Lateral Fusiform Gyrus Neurology
1 LFG Ligamentum Flavum Neurosurgery, Surgery

What does the abbreviation Med stand for?


Acronym Definition
MED Median
MED Medical
MED Media
MED Master of Education


What is SL in anatomy?

Abbreviation for vertebral column (spinal) length. See: spinal length.

What does SL stand for in nursing?

SL Nursing Abbreviation

2 SL Medical
2 SL Medical
1 SL Medical, Pharmacy, Administration Route
SL Medical

What is full form of his?

HIS – Intermediate Health Status. HIS – Horizontal Situation Indicator.

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What is him stand for?

HIM: Health Information Management.

Is Hi a real word?

Hi is defined as a standard greeting and is short for ” hello.” An example of ” hi ” is what you say when you see someone. Used to express greeting.

What is the full meaning of LFG?

LFG is widely used in gaming related chat forums and other online communities with the meaning “Looking for Group,” to indicate that a user or subscriber is seeking to join an already established group.

What does LFG stand for in sports?

The 42-year-old quarterback also posted a photo to his own Instagram page, along with the caption, “ALL CAPS: LFG.” For those unaware, LFG stands for “let’s (expletive) go”. tombrady. 9.7M followers. View Profile. tombrady Verified.

What does LFG mean destiny?

Reminder: LFG stands for “looking for group”, LFM stands for “looking for more”: DestinyTheGame.

What does MEd mean prefix?

Proto-Indo-European root meaning “take appropriate measures.” It forms all or part of: accommodate; accommodation; commode; commodious; commodity; empty; immoderate; immodest; Medea; medical; medicament; medicaster; medicate; medication; medicine; medico; medico-; meditate; meditation; Medusa; meet (adj.)

What does MEd mean in text?

So now you know – MED means ” Medication ” – don’t thank us. YW! What does MED mean? MED is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the MED definition is given.

What does it mean to take meds?

Meds is slang for the pills or medications. If you are on pills for your cholesterol, your cholesterol pills are an example of your meds.

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