What Does Dorsal Mean In Anatomy?

What is dorsal anatomy?

Posterior (or dorsal ) Describes the back or direction toward the back of the body.

What part of the body is dorsal?

Dorsal means the back side or upper side, while ventral means the frontal or lower side. These are mostly used with animal anatomy, but can be used in human anatomy as long as they are describing the side of an appendage. One example is the dorsal fin in fish, found on the upper side of the fish’s body.

What does dorsal and ventral mean in anatomy?

Ventral and Dorsal. The term ventral refers to the anterior (front) aspect of the embryo, while dorsal refers to the posterior (back).

What is dorsal in human body?

of, relating to, or situated at the back, or dorsum. Anatomy, Zoology. situated on or toward the upper side of the body, equivalent to the back, or posterior, in humans. situated on or toward the posterior plane in humans or toward the upper plane in quadrupeds.

Is dorsal a top or bottom?

The dorsal (from Latin dorsum ‘back’) surface of an organism refers to the back, or upper side, of an organism. If talking about the skull, the dorsal side is the top. The ventral (from Latin venter ‘belly’) surface refers to the front, or lower side, of an organism.

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What are the 4 body positions?

The four main anatomical positions are: supine, prone, right lateral recumbent, and left lateral recumbent. Each position is used in different medical circumstances.

What is dorsal used for?

Toward the back (not rear): for the pig, dorsal is used; for humans, posterior may also be used. Toward the front/belly: for the pig, ventral is used; for humans, anterior may also be used.

What is dorsal view?

Dorsal means the upper surface of an organism. For example, the dorsal view of a butterfly would be viewing the insect from above: Insects within a reference collection are commonly mounted so that their dorsal surface is visible.

What mean dorsal?

Dorsal: Relating to the back or posterior of a structure. As opposed to the ventral, or front, of the structure. Some of the dorsal surfaces of the body are the back, buttocks, calves, and the knuckle side of the hand.

What is the definition of dorsal fin?

: a flat thin part on the back of some fish (such as sharks)

What is an example of ventral?

The definition of ventral is the lower part or belly of an animal or plant. An example of something ventral is a fin on the underside of a fish.

What does dorsal mean in medical terms?

Medical Definition of dorsal (Entry 1 of 2) 1a: being or located near, on, or toward the upper surface of an animal (as a quadruped) opposite the lower or ventral surface. b: being or located near, on, or toward the back or posterior part of the human body.

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What is another word for dorsal?

ventral, dorsoventral. abaxial, dorsal adjective. facing away from the axis of an organ or organism.

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