What Is Co In Anatomy?

What does co stand for in anatomy?

CO. cardiac output. carbon monoxide. complains of COAD.

What is the full meaning of CO?

Co. is used as an abbreviation for company when it is part of the name of an organization. Co. is used as a written abbreviation for county before the names of some counties, especially in Ireland. Co.

Where does CO stand for?

It’s the acronym for “company”. For most people1, the two letters – CO – are recognized as meaning company and/or corporation across the globe.

What does C O abbreviation mean?

c / o is an abbreviation for ‘care of. ‘ ‘ c / o ‘

What is C o medical?

Abbreviation for complains of.

What does co mean legally?

CO. A prefix that denotes jointness or the state of being conjunct or united. To be together, with, or not separate from; conjoint or combined. A corespondent in a lawsuit is one who is joined as a defendant in the suit.

How do you use CO?

Write the recipient’s name on the first line, as you do with most letters. Start the second line with “c/o” followed by the person or company name associated with the address you are using.

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What does co stand for in jail?

A prison officer or corrections officer is a uniformed official responsible for the custody, supervision, safety, and regulation of prisoners.

What is the root word of CO?

co – comes from Latin, where it has the meaning “joint, jointly, together. ” This meaning is found in such words as: costar, coworker. A similar meaning for this prefix is “auxiliary, helping.

Who is a co?

Commanding officer ( CO ), the officer in command of a military unit. Contracting Officer ( CO or KO), in the U.S. government. Correctional officer ( CO ), an officer whose duty it is to safeguard and promote the welfare of inmates.

What does co stand for states?

From AL to WY

State /District Abbreviation Postal Code
California Calif. CA
Colorado Colo. CO
Connecticut Conn. CT
Delaware Del. DE


What does co mean texting?

“Commanding Officer” is the most common definition for CO on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. CO. Definition: Commanding Officer.

What does C O mean in property?

” c / o ” on a deed or in any writing is an abbreviation for “in care of” and is used (for example) to direct delivery to A at B’s address.

Is C o capitalized?

YOUR_QUESTION_WAS = When addressing a letter and there is a “care of” is the c / o supposed to be capitalized or lower case. Use lower-case letters, as in ” c / o Joe Water.”

What does C O mean in sports?

CO mean that “Cross Out” for Sport.

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