Where Did Edwards Go On Grays Anatomy?

What happened to Dr Edwards on GREY’s anatomy?

In Stephanie’s case, Grey’s Anatomy fans at least had warning of her departure, since it made news that actress Jerrika Hinton had landed a new TV show. Instead, Stephanie had a heroic exit in the Season 13 finale, and just announced she was quitting Grey Sloan. She got to live.

How does Edwards die on GREY’s anatomy?

However, he ended up super close to a flammable cylinder, which let out a big explosion. In a total miracle, Stephanie and the young girl made it out of the fire alive, but that wasn’t enough to keep her on the show.

Do they find Edwards in the fire?

The little one who was all about going on adventures? Well, she’s still up there in the fire, and her dad can ‘t find her. But she’s up there with Stephanie, who is SOMEHOW not dead.

Does Edwards boyfriend die in GREY’s anatomy?

The death of Kyle Diaz (Wilmer Valderrama), a smooth-talking musician who had won the guarded heart of Stephanie Edwards, gets the award for this episode’s most heartbreaking moment. Kyle is back in for another surgery for his tremors, but this particular surgery is highly dangerous.

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Does Jackson Avery die?

Jackson later declares his love for April at her wedding to EMT Matthew. They get married and have a child together, but he dies shortly after birth.

Are Maggie and Jackson still together?

They got stuck in the infamous fog from the finale, and Jackson had to call in reinforcements to get him, Maggie, and a group of climbers they encountered back to civilization. The two ultimately solidified their breakup and it appeared as if Jaggie was finally done.

Why did Stephanie Edwards die?

Stephanie Edwards ) Hinton joined the medical drama in its ninth season, staying on for five seasons as Stephanie, one of Grey Sloan’s surgical residents, and leaving at the end of the season 13 finale after suffering devastating burns following a fiery explosion in one of the hospital wings.

Why did Stephanie leave Greys?

Hinton left Grey’s Anatomy to pursue other projects. Actors evolve differently and when an actor like Jerrika comes to me and says she wants to try something new creatively, I like to honor that. Jerrika has shared so much of herself with Stephanie and I am incredibly proud of the journey we’ve taken together.

What episode does Dr Edwards die?

Stephanie Edwards (Grey’s Anatomy)

Dr. Stephanie Edwards
First appearance Going, Going, Gone (9.01) September 27, 2012 (as recurring cast) “Seal Our Fate” (10.01) September 26, 2013 (as series regular)
Last appearance “Ring of Fire” (13.24) May 18, 2017
Created by Shonda Rhimes
Portrayed by Jerrika Hinton

Who does Maggie end up with?

It is revealed in the season ten finale, Maggie’s biological parents are Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) and Ellis Grey (Kate Burton), making her Meredith’s half-sister. Maggie Pierce.

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Margaret Pierce
Spouse Winston Ndugu ​ ( m. 2021)​
Significant other Dean (ex-fiancé) Ethan Boyd Andrew DeLuca Jackson Avery
Nationality American


Does the little girl with Edwards die?

In a bombastic finale to the show’s 13th season, it was revealed that Dr. Stephanie Edwards (Jerrika Hinton) was alive after last week’s cliffhanger, but also that she is leaving the hospital, and the show, after enduring burns during a traumatic night.

Does Megan Hunt die?

The Season 13 finale in May 2017 brought one big shakeup to Grey Sloan — Owen Hunt’s long-presumed-dead sister is actually not — Megan Hunt is alive!

What is wrong with April’s second baby?

April was having another pregnancy scare on Grey’s Anatomy, and there’s no reason we should have been surprised. After Arizona confirms that the baby doesn’t have osteogenesis imperfecta, or OI, like Samuel, April and Jackson’s son, she makes a face while they count the baby’s toes.

Why will jo not marry Alex?

Eventually, Jo finally tells Alex that the reason she couldn’t marry Alex is because she is already married. Her husband is abusive and so she ran away and changed her name to Jo Wilson so that he wouldn’t find her.

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